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February 8, 2014

Humblebeads Design Contest

This is the Art Bead Scene's monthly challenge for February - it's so cheery, I just love it! This is a painting by Paul Klee titled The Rose Garden.  Each month the Art Bead Scene sponsors a jewelry-making challenge inspired by the artwork. You can read the details here. There are two great prizes to win each month! 

Design Contest
To entice some Humblebeads fans to plan along this month I'm adding an extra prize.  

Enter the monthly challenge and use Humblebeads in your design, 
Leave your link in the comment below 
Deadline: February 28
Prize: a $50 gift certificate to!

On March 1st I will have a random drawing of all the entries.  So pull out those Humblebeads and have fun this weekend.

Here are some picks from my website to inspire you!

Petal Headpins, Mulberry Willow Disks, Orchid Heart Butterfly
Leafy Green Matchstick Charms, Branch Mix Purple Disk Beads, Watercolor Hibiscus Pendant
Wildflowers Heart Pendant, Orchid Stem Pendant, Orchid Willow Disk Beads

I can't wait to see what you make!

February 2, 2014

Super Bead Sunday!

Not exactly crazy about the big game today?  Me neither - so I've declared today Super Bead Sunday!

Grab those pom-poms and give me a B!

So what is Super Bead Sunday???
I'm not into the game today and I would like to have something fun and exciting going on, wouldn't you?

What's the big game day without a little friendly competition and some awesome prizes!

The rules:
  • Make something beady inspired by one of the teams colors playing the Super Bowl today - see the inspiration palettes below. 
  • Snap a photo and share it on the Create Bead Chat Super Bead Sunday Photo Album. (Click right here)  If you aren't a member, join right now!
  • You have until half-time today. (I don't know when the half-time show starts, but the game starts at 5:30!)
  • After the half-time show I will pick two random entries.

Prizes: a $48 gift certificate from Humblebeads. (It is the 48th Super Bowl after all) 

 The second prize is a collection of ceramic beads from Marla's Mud worth $60!

 The Seattle Seahawks Colors 

The Denver Bronco Colors (Well minus the pink!)

December 5, 2012

Teen Stocking Stuffers

As daughters of a jewelry maker, my girls kind of luck out in the stocking stuffer department.  I always make them a few special pieces of jewelry that I tuck in with the bath stuff, hair do-dads, cosmetics and art supplies.  In fact, shopping for those stockings are one of my favorite holiday customs. 

I put together three collections of stocking stuffers based on three new types of tiny charm pendants I'm offering in my Etsy shop.  All the items below are from indie Etsy artists and there is plenty of time to order things for delivery before the big day.  Click on the tiny thumbnails below each collage for links to the products.

Nature Girl Stocking Stuffers

First up the Nature Girl Collection featuring my Charmed Nest Tiny Pendants.  This teen is delicate and reserved.  She loves birds, trees and nests, walks in the woods, poems by Emily Dickinson.  Sweet vanilla, lavender and fresh citrus are her favorite fragrances.  She keeps her face natural and fresh with just a hint of color.  You'll find her in soft sweaters, cozy scarves and woolen mittens during the winter months.  She is a dreamer, filled with hope - she keeps a notebook nearby to write poetry. 

Flower Girl Stocking Stuffers

The second collection is for the Flower Girl featuring my Charmed Tiny Pendants in my willow design.  She's feminine and bubbly with a little boho flavor.  She loves floral prints, skirts and her favorite pair of jeans.  She's drawn towards natural floral fragrances like honeysuckle and lilac.  She likes her florals bold and graphic for a modern look.  She loves to tie her back into romantic twists or swept up. Petal soft colors are her favorites for her eyes with lips and checks stained with a blush of rose. Her day dreams are of true love and she's sure to keep a journal to make sense of the world. 

Artsy Girl Stocking Stuffers

This set is for the Artsy Girl.  She is wild and carefree and completely creative.  Who knows what she'll wear. It could be a t-shirt with a saying you don't get with striped tights and mini-skirt one day.  Or maybe an owl t-shirt with bright teal jeans and a leather jacket the next day.  Her wardrobe is an adventure.  Look for cute, irreverent items for her that are a bit trendy, like my Charmed Tiny Pendant in an owl or mushroom design.  She needs lots of notebooks because her brain in hard to contain.  Pencils that say it all will be a big hit.  Go adventurous with cosmetics - bright and funky nail polish, lip gloss in purple and bath supplies that look like baked goods will keep her happy. 

My Charmed Tiny Pendants are hand painted polymer clay charms on waxed linen cord, they are packaged on cardstock and ready to give!  I have been giving these as gifts since the summer and all of my nieces, cousins and yes, even my daughters have loved them.  I get such a thrill when I see them sporting them - it's like yes, I rate with a teen - is there is a bigger compliment!

I'm feeling all McGifty today, so let's do a giveaway between now and Saturday for one of my Charmed Tiny Pendants of your choice.

Take a minute to leave a comment to let me know which type of girl you are shopping for this holiday season.  Not shopping for girls?  Let me know which girl you are then!  You'll get a second entry if you Pin one of the collages above.  Make sure to let me know you did in a comment below.